A calibration circle. A concept. Addition and calculus. The sun. Its light spectrum. The light. Black-body radiation. Refraction of light in a riverbed. A god of fishermen. The amber current encasing three brook trout. A vermiculate pattern. Anatomy 1 (The Skeleton of a Trout in Shallow Water). Anatomy 2 (internal organs front). Anatomy 5 (ribcage). Schematics of the eye. Liver. Pancreas. A bone (lacrimal). The DNA structure of a Fukushima barn swallow. A Fukushima barn swallow. A rapatronic photograph taken within ten nanoseconds of nuclear detonation. A picture of a nest. A picture implying that the things that preceded it were not merely representations but objects occupying space and time. Time. Radiophobia. A family portrait. An apotropaic poem. A pine tree. A memory in its becoming. The spoor of him in June (bergamot, ginger, tonic). An ecological education. Cicada song that outlives summer. An empty carton of Seven Stars. Apartment interior with brother and firearms. A home. A hole. A cellar door. An x-ray of his abdomen from 1986. An echo. The half-life of fear. A house being constructed. A man in construction. Sotenbori River and the same river at night. Early morning test light. A dog and its bark. Fifty-five greetings. Fifty-six elegies. The Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major. 24-hour Cinderella. Instructions for dancing. Instructions for waking up. A single-use plastic slipper. A softshell turtle (Trionyx japonicus). Fishing line taut as his jaw. Disiecti membra poetae. A trauma diagrammed from start to finish. An exit sign. Underwater scene with captor and exit wound. An exit.